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Service Description StoryCloud In-Person
Legal Videographer
Setup Fee No Charge
Legal Videography (Half Day/0-3 Hours) $350*
Legal Videography (Full Day/Up to 8 Hours) $650*
Archival Storage (Per Deposition) $5
Cancellation Fee No Charge**
Remote Live Streaming (Per Login) $50/half day (0-3 Hours)
$100/full day (+3 Hours)
Immediate Web Access to Media
(Within 24 hours from end of deposition)
$20 per party, per deposition
Video/Text Synchronization
(Per Deposition)
Delivery of Media via secure download
(MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 or MPEG-4)
Complimentary to taking party
Videographer Parking (As Applicable) At Cost
Portable WiFi/4G hotspot
(Applicable only if local wifi connection is not sufficient to support a consistent 3Mbps wifi connection)
$50/half day (0-3 Hours)
$100/full day (+3 Hours)